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When we started developing websites back in 2005 the IT world was completely different. Building a website required months and months of hard coding. In order to change anything, the customer would have to ask us, the developer, to do it, thus making being online very time consuming and difficult. Thankfully, times have changed. Getting a website from an idea to a real online store or building an online presence can take as quick as 1 week and is easy for anyone to learn how to use it.

Here are a few websites we’ve launched recently!

See What Our Customers Say!

We decided it was time to step things up and get a website started for our company but had no idea where to start. We came across Web Limitless and decided to give them a try. It was the best decision we have made!! Our only regret is not knowing about Web Limitless sooner. Jordan is a wonderful person to work with, always quick to reply and willing to work with you. He is awesome!! If you’re considering Web Limitless look no further! They are amazing and you will not be disappointed 🙂

Jeremy Montalban

Westmont Plumbing

I put off setting up a website for far too long. I thought word of mouth and a great product would make my business a success. I was wrong.

I was intimidated with the thought of what was needed to put into a website and worried I would not provide the proper information required to create a good one. Wrong again.

The professionals at Web Limitless made it so easy. They asked me the right questions, listened to my concerns and addressed my goals. In no time a template was set up and after a few tweaks …it was up and running! I even received personal assistance in being able to update my information regularly on my own.

I can’t tell you how happy with the final product I am! I just received a phone call today from a client telling me how easy it was for her to find the information she was looking for on our site. She wanted me to tell the designer what a fine job he did… I knew it was time to send in a review.

On behalf of REAL MEALS NANAIMO, thank you, Web Limitless for the great site you have provided for me. I love it. My clients love it and that makes me love it even more! I would recommend your business to anyone.

Yours truly and with appreciation,
Lisa Garvie

Sincerely, Lisa Garvie

Real Meals Nanaimo

This is what website startup or renovation should be like everywhere. Web Limitless was quick to respond once our project was in the hopper. We had a quick conversation via email about the look and feel of the site, giving them a few examples we liked. We provided all the wording and images for each page and left the rest to them. They efficiently made a homepage for our review to get a general feel of the site design, we approved and then before you know it, they had made the site within a week. They even did some un-requested add on’s which enhanced the site’s quality. I was happy knowing I could give them the content, and they went above and beyond my expectations. Anyone who doesn’t have a web presence, should be getting in touch with them as it’s a sound investment and service was excellent.

Jarid T

Lelala Dancers

I couldn’t have been happier with final results! They took my vision and put their own vast creativity and expertise to work and blew my mind! The site is unique, engaging, colorful, easy to navigate, and totally possesses the energy and atmosphere of our venture. They absolutely nailed it. I get compliments on our site all the time. I am so grateful to have them as my web designers. Trust me…you will be too.

Peter Bryant

Bryant Film

Web Limitless, was very professional in their quest to build a website for a non techy guy like me!
Better than expected highly recommended.

Rob Scott


I have had a simply flawless experience with Web Limitless! Between sense of humor and patience, the service was personable, prompt and sincere. And the prices outmatch anyone who could do the job with excellence like them! I would recommend Web Limitless to anyone who is searching for professional website development at a competitive price. I certainly got more than I bargained for! Thank you sincerely, Web Limitless! It was such a pleasure to work with you!

Tracey Kehler

Kindred Soul Connections

After struggling for months trying to build a website for my new business, I finally found the help I needed with Web Limitless.

They were able to work within my budget and they really listened as I shared some of my own visions and ideas. I spent only a few minutes of my time going through their template options and a day or two later just like that, I was up and running!

I’m so grateful for the help and expertise the professionals at Web Limitless have been able to offer me. Now I can finally move forward, focus on my clients and my new business!

Thank you for all of the wonderful work you have done for me.

Sincerely, Lisa Matthew

SafeT Consulting

Sincerely, Lisa Matthew

SafeT Consulting