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What are Real Meals ?

Real Meals are are dinners that are available for people who live and work in the Nanaimo area. Dinners are available most Monday-Friday and are sold based on pre-order / pre-purchase.

The service was originally designed 5 years ago to help busy working parents at a reasonable cost. Our hopes were that they could have a healthy, home style meal prepared for their family every day without having to shop, cook and clean up. To bring the idea of a family dinner back to the family!

Early on we realized that the service was also perfect for seniors, people with health issues, homemakers & new mothers.

We wanted this to be more of a service than a business and although the profit margin is small, the satisfaction of helping the community is huge. Even with inflation, we have not increased our price of $25 for a family meal in over 5 years! In fact, we started offering promos last year with free meals and add ons to give our customers an even better value.
How much do they cost?

Meals are prepared in two sizes. ‘Family size’ for 2 adults and 2 children which cost $25. ‘Senior size’ which provides at least 2 servings. They work well for individuals as well. Cost $20
Where and when do you deliver?
Residential delivery for senior meals is included in the purchase within the local Nanaimo area.

Workplace delivery is complimentary for the family size meals for offices on or near the island highway (from downtown to woodgrove)

Residential or rural delivery is available at a cost of $5. Our boundary is within the local area. Boundary for residential delivery is. Harewood (s), bypass (w), lower Lantzville/woodgrove (n) and Hammond bay (e)

We start our deliveries as early as approx 11:30 and strive to be completed by 2:30pm. Meals are made fresh in the morning, cooled and sent out for delivery. If you are not going to be available to accept delivery of your Real Meals dinner, we ask that you leave a large cooler out to receive your meal.
Why do you charge for residential delivery but offer complimentary delivery to offices?

When we first started the service it was only available for local business delivery. Our hope was that the receiver would tell their co-workers about this great new service. Their co-workers would then want to get involved as well and we would start to deliver more than one meal at a time to the same business. This was an easy way to deliver meals quickly and efficiently.

With the add on of residential delivery, a larger business area and senior meal deliveries, we have required hiring additional drivers. That and the price of gas have forced us to charge a small delivery charge of $5. We feel that for the convenience and starting price that is still a great value
Do we tip the driver?
Driving around the Nanaimo area can be stressful and the add on of a simple twoonie or two adds up for the delivery person and it is always appreciated. It’s a great way to say thank you!
Why do you change the menus every week and why not have a set menu?
We really want our clients to have options available to them. We don’t want our people getting bored. By changing up the weekly menus, it gives us a chance to offer a selection and add new items occasionally.

We also scan the flyers so that we can get you the best value for your buck!

We originally only packaged our meals in foil pans but are changing to reusable plastic containers which you can wash and return to us with your next delivery. We can then sterilize these containers and reuse them on future orders. That is another way to keep the costs down

Every dollar we are able to save, enables us to continue offering quality products, quantity of servings and the service to continue on at such a low price. At $6.50 per person, you can’t even order a big Mac Meal!

Closing words;
Real Meals are made with love by a couple of ladies and lads and are delivered by a hard working and pleasant driver.

I’m Lisa and I am the developer of Real Meals. When you deal with us, you deal with me personally.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or pm me I will reply quickly. Orders can also be made through private message.

We would love to help you with your busy days…that’s what we’re here for. Making your life a little easier


Monday – Oct. 2, 2017

(please place your order by 8 pm Sunday to receive this meal)

Tuesday – Oct. 3, 2017

Please have your order in by 8 p.m. Monday to order today


(please place your order by 8 pm Monday to receive this meal)



Wednesday – Oct. 4, 2017

Please have your order in by 8 p.m. Tuesday to order today

Thursday – Sept. 7

Please have your order in by 8 p.m. Wednesday to order today

Please have your order in by 8 p.m. Monday to order today

Friday – Oct. 6, 2017


Closing Words


Check us out on Facebook for regular updates and immediate menu postings every weekend.  You can private message us there and we will reply very quickly.  We love being a part of your week and special holidays and cooking for you. Let us make your life a little easier by ordering your weekly meals with Real Meals!


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